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>>14th April Regional Main Circuit Racing

Thursday 12th April Open Main Circuit practice - R80 fee payable at the WPMC office before going onto the circuit.


Thursday 12th April Open Main Circuit practice

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Killarney race meeting on Saturday


A Second Round Knockout at Killarney

Caption: Zack Groenewald is going to be looking for less smoke and more traction from his big Chev de Ville in the Midas Clubman events on Saturday.

Saturday’s second round of the Western Cape championship at Killarney actually has certain unique advantages when compared to last month’s high profile, national WesBank meeting.

Spectators are more familiar with local competitors and the difference in their performance after the first round shakedown is going to prove interesting. There won’t be any traffic jams or parking problems. And butt space at the best vantage points will be available even for those planning a later arrival after watching the televised Stormers in the morning.

On the action front, particular attention is likely to be focused on the enigmatic Zack Groenewald, a competitor who comes across as the kind of guy who could win the lotto with the wrong numbers. This after he triumphed in a stock car championship with a totally unsuitable Alfa Romeo. He then switched ends when he joined the sophisticated Classic Car ranks on the main circuit in an American Chev V8 that could easily have been an oval track fugitive.

Despite that, it took no more than a few spins and spectacular off course incidents last year before he began winning. Now comes another change. Because on Saturday Zack is making his debut in the Midas Clubman ranks where the rules allow him more leeway. As a result the Chev’s marshmallow roadholding is expected to benefit from bigger 16in wheels and tarmac gripping rubber, while the engine will welcome a bonnet scoop that allows more cool air into the induction area.

However with front line opposition from Audi hotshots Nieyaaz Modack and Andre Johnson, the Beemers of Gavin Cerff and Danie van Niekerk, as well as a quartet of indecently quick Golfers, it is not going to be easy.

The question in the Big Foot Express / Execuline Sports and GT ranks is whether anyone can take on Shureez Brenner’s Porsche GT2. And the answer is that it will probably not be too long before Mallock driver Steve Humble, who has managed it before, Francis Carruthers (Juno S2000) or Johan Engelbrecht (Porsche GT3 RS), get it right. In fact, don’t be too surprised if it happens on Saturday.

The return of Nick Adcock is going to add yet another variable to the battle for supremacy in the one make Makita Supercar events. And with veteran Richard Schreuder, Dayne Angel, Brad Wadeley, Andrew Moffitt and Steve McCarthy also in contention, all bets are off.

With no entry from first round winner PW Louw, the Mutlu Battery / Execuline Classic Car winner is likely to come from Charles Arton (BMW 530), Neil Hawkins (Escort RS2000), the recently promoted Sandro Biccari (VW Scirocco) or Martin Richards (Datsub SSS Zero).

A well supported Charl Elecrical Eng. Fine Car category includes a variety of Jaguars, Porsches and Alfas, together with a Chev Corvette and Gunter Drotshie’s rare Nissan 350Z. There are also going to be  invitational events for 250 and 125 Superkarts.

Gates open at 07.00 with the first of the 16 races due off after the final practice and warm-up sessions at 09.45.  Admission is R40 for adults and R10 for scholars under 16.



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