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>>21st and 22nd April Streetcar Racing

Sat - MSA Drag racing & Short Circuit Racing till 5pm, Street2Strip till 10.30pm

Sun – Streetcar Track Day 9am till 1pm, BMW Track Day from 1pm till 5pm

This coming weekend sees Killarney running a marathon of Streetracing events starting at 9am on Saturday and ending late Sunday afternoon.

MSA Drag racing kicks off the weekends activities with action on the track from 9am and will run through until 5pm.  Documentation and MSA licence applications will take place at the main gate caravan from 8am and close at 10am while scrutinerring will be closing at 10.30am sharp.  While this is taking part on the main straight side of the circuit we will also be having Short Circuit motorcycle and kart racing at the oval side of the circuit.

With last months drag and drifting event having attracted a great crowd to Killarney we expect this weekends MSA Drag event to attract some of the top quarter-mile experts back to the track on Saturday to improve on their person best times.  This weekend sees the return of some of the top local two wheel experts where they often manage sub 10 second runs over the four hundred meter circuit.  Will we see the Slamet family improve on their times – Garion recently achieved 9,5 second on his Suzuki GSXR 750, Gary slightly faster having managed 9,3 on his Kawasaki ZX 14 (Big Daddy) or will Heinrich take top honours and improve on his personal best of 9,2 second on his GSXR K8 1000 (The Great White).  On four wheels we will see Gary Wilkins burning some rubber in his fine tuned 1980 Chevy Camaro (Nasty Z28), Dave Rowley will also make his return on Saturday after breaking a side shaft in his lightning quick VW Beach Buggy at the previous event.  Bad Brad will be there as always looking to improve on his personal best of 11,59 seconds in his Meth fuelled Golf Mk1.  Yaseen Ebrahim will be making his return after recently having changed his Turbo charger to a K04 unit.  Also keep and eye out for Riyaad Isaacs looking to improve on his best time of 13,912 now running his Honda CRX B20Vtec on semi slick tyres.

Remember that MSA social licences are available from R250 at the main gate caravan on the morning of the event.  Entries and licence applications from 8am till 10am, WPMC members get discounted entry fees.

Street2Strip will run on Saturday from about 6pm and go through until 10.30pm into the evening. Once again entries will be limited to the first 200 entries only and starts from 5pm at the main gate caravan.  Helmets will also be available for hire at vehicle checks in turn 5. Many drifters have made queries and have shown interest in attending the event on Saturday evening and use this opportunity to get some well needed practice, we expect some of the Cape’s top drifters to attend.

Admission price for spectators is pegged at R30 per person while youngsters under the age of 12 enter free of charge.  Gates open at 7am and will run through until 10pm in the evening.

Sunday sees another Streetcar Open Track Day (9am till 1pm) take place around the 3,2km long main circuit.  This event is designed to give anyone the chance to drive at high speed without the concern of getting a speeding ticket from the boys in blue.  See below for more info on the Streetcar Track day with driver and passenger information and requirements.

Sunday afternoon sees the third series of the BMW Festival and Track Day.  This kicks off with a mass parade for all things BMW (1pm sharp), including Mini and motorcycles.  Last year saw over 200 vehicles make their way around the circuit making for the biggest parade seen here in years, will we manage to top this number in 2012.  This parade will be followed by various drifting and burnout demonstrations (+-1.45pm) on the oval side of the circuit.  This will then be followed by track sessions where drivers will get the chance to drive around the circuit in one of the two groups, either for beginners or for the more experienced.  Entry to take your BMW onto the circuit is R200 per driver and R50 for passengers, helmets will be available for hire from R80 each.  More drifting and burnout demos will take place later in the afternoon (+-4pm) with the day ending off when various spot prizes will be handed away at and around the new pit facility (5pm).  Access to the BMW day will be through the MotoX entrance only, BMW / Mini drivers will get in free while all others pay R20 per person 12 years and older.



Killarney Streetcar Track Day Sun 22nd April, no loud or excessively noisy vehicles allowed at Killarney.

R300 per driver, 2012 WPMC members R200 (must produce membership book), R50 for passengers.

Helmets available for hire,R80 excl deposit. 0215571639

Points to note for drivers: First timers must be present for the safety brief at the start of the event.

Your entry can be rejected if you are not present at the briefing at the start of the event.

R300 per driver
R200 for WPMC members (membership book must be produced at entries / documentation)
R50 for passengers

Drivers will be separated into three groups:
Group 1: Easy group – No passing under brakes / single file in the corners.
Group 2: Experienced group – Out braking is allowed / No overtaking in the corners.
Group 3: Pro Group – This is for the very experienced driver and race vehicles at race pace.

No excessively loud vehicles allowed at all – road or race.
All vehicles will be subject to a safety check, everything must be in good working order. No cracks in the brake disks, battery to be securely fastened.
Drivers & passengers: Long sleeve tops, long pants, closed shoes and an SABS approved helmet are required for passengers and drivers. Helmets are available for hire on the day, R80 each excl deposit.

For more information Killarney events please call Paul on 021 557-1639 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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